What is Valet Parking Service?

There are times when parking your own vehicle at an Austin event can prove problematic. Inclement weather can turn the walk from the car to the venue into a torture test, ruining expensive clothing and shoes. There may not be enough available parking near the restaurant or concert hall, meaning a long walk through city streets at night. A driver may be able to drop his or her passengers off at the entrance to a glamorous event, but he or she will still have to make a less glamorous trek from the parking lot afterward. Because of these concerns, many upscale restaurants and venues in Austin and San Antonio offer valet parking.

So, what is a valet parking service? The definition of valet parking is a service designed to eliminate the need for customers or guests to park their own vehicles. Visitors drive to an area designated for valet parking and the driver receives a ticket identifying his or her vehicle. A responsible driver employed by the Austin valet service will then drive the car to a monitored parking area. When the guests are ready to leave the event, a valet parking coordinator will retrieve the matching car keys and a driver returns the vehicle.

Many upscale restaurants and clubs offer valet parking as a regular option since it generates an air of distinction and positive customer service. Other venues may contract valet parking services for special occasions where parking space may be at a premium or guests require VIP treatment. Valet parking employees may be required to wear uniforms and demonstrate a respectful attitude toward their clients.

The meaning of valet parking extends beyond merely offering a helpful service. Owners of expensive sports cars or luxury automobiles may not feel comfortable handing over their keys to a young driver, even one in uniform. Valet parking has been portrayed in movies and television shows as an opportunity for employees to take unauthorized joy rides in customers’ vehicles or to take unnecessary risks while parking in questionable spaces. In reality, Central Texas Valet parking employees are fully insured, with years of driving experience.


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