Valet Parking at Hotels in Austin, TX Brings Luxury To Your Event

All hotels promise good rates and comfortable accommodations to their guests, but you can go the extra mile and offer your client something special: professional hotel car valet parking services. Imagine how difficult it is for a guest staying at your hotel for the first time to find a parking spot and remember it when they need to get their car.

A professional hotel valet opens the car's door for parking management.

With hotel valet parking management service, your guest simply hands over their car keys to a courteous and professional hotel valet who will handle the vehicle with care and find the best parking space for it. And when your guest leaves the hotel, they will find the car waiting for them in front of the hotel entrance. What can be more convenient and considerate towards your clients?

How Does Valet Parking at Hotels Pass During Events

Of course, such a hotel parking service will allow you to feel the luxury of the event and make things work the best way. But not all guests are used to using such a valet parking at hotels. Here are a few steps to help you deal with valet parking management at hotels if you encounter such a service for the first time:

  1. Stop in front of the hotel entrance at the podium with uniformed attendants and signs indicating the valet drop-off area.
  2. You will be greeted by a valet who will open the car doors for you and your passengers.
  3. For the rules of etiquette, the hotel valet will help anyone who needs assistance getting out of the car.
  4. Check that you have everything you need to be taken or hidden from view. If you have left something you need in the car, it will take some time for the valet to retrieve that item. 
  5. The valet will then safely take the car to a designated area of the hotel and park it there.
  6. When you are getting ready to leave, notify the hotel valet and then your car will be waiting near the hotel as you drive away.

Valet Service in Hotel: Tip Or Not To Tip?

Even if the service is free, you can tip the hotel valet. It can encourage better hotel valet service, such as a closer spot for faster retrieval or extra care with your vehicle. The standard amount is $2-5. If the valet offers you an extra service as assistance with your luggage, give them more. Don’t forget to tip the valet who drops off your car and the one who picks it up.

Benefits of Specialized Hotel Car Valet Parking Management

A specialized hotel valet company hires only professional drivers whose background is thoroughly checked. For us, your reputation is just as valuable as our own business reputation. We strive to add value and excellence to your services and make sure that all your guests have a great experience from the moment they stop their car in front of your hotel until they check out.

Hotel valet parking is also an excellent choice if you are hosting private or corporate events or festivals. When many guests arrive at approximately the same time, things can get out of hand. Cars are piled up all along the driveway and guests have to wait until those in front of them find a parking space.

A hotel valet company will send a sufficient number of valets to handle the excess traffic and make sure that all the cars are parked properly and everyone arrives at the event on time.

Hire Experienced Hotel Valet Professionals

Central Texas Valet was founded in 2006 by experienced and skilled parking professionals. We use our know-how and experience to provide excellent valet services in hotels, restaurants, and private residences in:

  • Austin
  • San Antonio
  • Houston
  • Waco
  • All across the state of Texas

We are ready to help you offer your customers five-star hotel car parking service, so call us now to hire hotel valet parking professionals at 800-858-2958!

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