Valet & Parking Services FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Got questions about our parking services? We have answers. Get an overview of our policies and procedures for our valet, shuttle, and other parking services from the FAQs below. If you need more information on our parking services, we encourage you to reach out and contact us!

What security do you provide for your parking and valet services?

Our staff is well-trained, and they’ll make sure each person is safe as they go to and from your venue. We can also guide you on how to implement and then monitor and enforce staffed pay-to-park stations, traffic directions, and automatic parking machines.

Are you insured?

We carry the most extensive insurance in our industry. Our company has the most up-to-date and all-inclusive insurance coverage available to the event parking industry, and we’ll always list you on our policy.

Do you offer estimates, and do you charge for this service?

We provide complimentary estimates and site visits and evaluations for a nominal fee.

Is there any hourly minimum or other monetary minimum for any of your services?

Our hourly rates fluctuate depending on the service provided, location of service, number of guests, number of hours, and date of event. Holiday rates when busy are a little higher than summer events when it is slower for us because often during the busy season our team will reach overtime and we always compensate for this with 1.5X pay.

Do you conduct background checks or prescreening on your employees?

All our drivers are fully screened, and background checked. We screen each of our team members and train them thoroughly so you can be sure that each person using your parking lot will be safe and comfortable.

Does your valet company have a dress code for employees?

Yes, our uniform is black polos and black golf shorts in the summer. In the winter we wear black dress pants, black jackets with black polos underneath.

What can I expect after I book?

We send over a 50% deposit request. If it is a new location, we set time for one of our managers to meet onsite to come up with a plan on how to manage the event. A few days prior to the event we send the client our leads name and number.

What can I expect the day of my event?

We will show up ready to work with signs, tickets, a valet box, and traffic cones if needed. The team will greet the guests politely and professionally.

What happens if my plans or the timing of my plans change?

If the event is cancelled there is no cancellation fee if cancelled a week prior to your event. Anything less then a week we keep the deposit to compensate our team for their time.

What happens if my event capacity does not meet or exceeds what we originally planned for?

Two events are rarely alike, so the event valet parking needs to be tailored accordingly. That’s why we visit each new site and take the time to learn each client’s needs. This helps us to devise a plan that covers all eventualities.

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