Going Above and Beyond: Professional Parking Solutions and Car Storage Services

With its customer-focused, extended services, Central Texas Valet goes above and beyond the traditional duties of a car parking company. Central Texas Valet often provides professional parking solutions and vehicle storage services for special events like weddings and galas. Distinguished by its professionalism and broad capabilities, Central Texas Valet has worked on massive events like the Austin Long Center for the Performing Arts opening gala, for which it provided 75 onsite valets. For this and every event, Central Texas Valet engages in copious preparation, making sure to visit event sites beforehand, and dressing appropriately in either formal attire or more relaxed, casual clothing based upon the needs of the client. Besides its work in special events, Central Texas Valet also collaborates with hospitals to improve customer experience and satisfaction. With the intention of making each visit to the hospital as hassle-free as possible, Central Texas Valet can help new arrivals with much more than parking cars. Transporting luggage, providing wheelchair assistance, and imparting hospital information are just a few of the services the company's professionals can offer before they park cars. For companies in Texas, advertising with Central Texas Valet provides a great opportunity to associate with a respected, quality business. Offering both internal and external signs, Central Texas Valet can place an ad or logo on one of their podiums, located in areas that have the most traffic of any valet stations in Austin and San Antonio. Central Texas Valet also provides advertising space on its website, www.austinvaletandparking.com, as well as on the tickets left in customers' vehicles. Ambitious companies who want real marketing impact can even leave branded gifts such as bottled water, pens, and coupons in cars. Book our professional parking and vehicle storage services now.


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